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Tris Brown

Tris Brown

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In Topic: New! - The New Social Care: Strength-Based Approaches - Download Here

16 May 2013 - 11:06 AM

Hi Lynn – message from Alex:


Thanks for taking the time to comment on the pamphlet.


The concept of taking a strengths-based approach is fairly broad and like any philosophy is capable of being implemented poorly or well. It sounds like your previous local authority implemented it poorly, but there are also areas who have used this thinking to inform more positive approaches. I would describe Shared Lives as a strengths-based approach, because it give people opportunities to contribute to a family and community, and to receive support on a more reciprocal and less ‘gift model’ basis, and I’m sure you’d agree that Shared Lives can be a very good thing indeed!

In Topic: Recommendations Follow Report On Learning Disabled People Dying Early

13 May 2013 - 05:18 PM

That's a great story Freddie - well done.

In Topic: Updates

09 January 2013 - 11:40 AM

Hi Phil!  Hope you had a good christmas and a happy new year to you too!


I just wanted to make sure everyone saw it - a lot of people come in straight to their own forum! ;)


Cheers and best wishes


In Topic: Shared Lives In The News

07 November 2012 - 03:55 PM

From the November Bulletin:

Alex chaired two seminars at party conferences for think tank ResPublica on ‘making care personal’. One featured new Care Minister Norman Lamb MP and the other, the Chair of the Health Select Committee, Stephen Dorrell MP. Alex’s blog from the events is at http://respublica.or...o-Live-Untidily

We supported the launch of SCIE’s Find Me Good Care website: www.findmegoodcare.co.uk. SCIE intend to ensure that Shared Lives schemes are findable alongside care homes and day care services. If you are a scheme in England, please check that your details are on the site and correct – let them (not us!) know if not. Service users and families can review your service – please let them know. We advise checking for new reviews regularly.

A BBC TV piece about Homeshare ran on Inside Out, 15th October.

A report by Scope and nef, Doing Services Differently, Local innovations for disabled people and their families, highlights micro-enterprise development and Community Catalysts' work as an example of a more 'co-produced' approach to support. www.neweconomics.org/publications

A report for Volonteurope and CSV, Active ageing and solidarity between generations: the contribution of volunteering and civic engagement in Europe, highlights Shared Lives and Homeshare as examples of an 'asset based’ philosophy, which emphasises the contribution that older people make to society, tackling loneliness and promoting active ageing.

In Topic: Bringing Social Finance Into Shared Lives Development

07 November 2012 - 03:10 PM


As you may be aware from recent announcements, Shared Lives Plus and Community Catalysts are working with an organisation called Social Finance to bring a new type of investment, also called social finance, into the Shared Lives sector. This would be investment in the form of repayable loans which would allow councils to expand their Shared Lives scheme, paying back the loan out of the money commissioners typically save when people move from institutional care to live much fuller lives in Shared Lives households. An approach of this kind is sometimes called a Social Impact Bond. The potential investors are often large charitable trusts who need to invest their endowments to make a return which they use to give grants, but who would like to be able to achieve their social impact aims at the same time as making a profit. This kind of investment is crucial at a time when even strong invest-to-save arguments can fall on stony ground in areas where councils feel able only to cut existing services, not to invest in new ones.

We have a grant to develop outcome-based contracts and to strengthen the Shared Lives business case, which will benefit all schemes. We are identifying some areas in which to model the effects of new investment in detail. We are scoping a model in which a provider or partnership which has significant experience of developing Shared Lives, as well as the infrastructure to work nationally, would develop a Shared Lives scheme ‘incubator’. The ‘incubator’ would support small independent Shared Lives schemes to grow and council-run schemes to become independent social enterprises. Social Finance have issued an invitation to express an interest in developing an ‘incubator’ which you can find on our website.