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Tris Brown

Tris Brown

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“Good Enough For Mum” Test Outlined By New Chief Inspector Of Social Care

30 October 2013 - 03:51 PM

The new Chief Inspector of Social Care, Andrea Sutcliffe has outlined a new approach to social care inspections. Shared Lives Plus CEO Alex Fox wrote the following letter to “The Times” in response;
Chief Inspector of Social Care, Andrea Sutcliffe proposes that care home services must pass a “good enough for my mum” test. (“Elderly Services must prove to be good enough for mum” The Times, 15/10/13) When assessing the provision of care, this question offers a far more valuable framework for assessing quality than the tick box culture that she rightly eschews.
The Shared Lives model of care offers an alternative to home care and care homes for disabled adults and older people, where an individual shares their home, community and family life with a Shared Lives carer. People living in Shared Lives households say they are less isolated, make real friendships and take more part in community and family life. It also offers valuable savings of £26,000 per year to local authorities.
Ms. Sutcliffe is right to be on the side of people who use care services, and improving confidence in inspections is a vital response to recent scandals. However, to meet the goal that is outlined, it is useful to focus not just on inspection methods and outcomes, but also the setting in which care is provided in the first place. In seeking services that are “good enough for mum” we believe home, family and community can be a good place to start.
Alex Fox
CEO Shared Lives Plus

Shared Lives Agm Report – 2Nd October

30 October 2013 - 03:48 PM

The Shared Lives Plus AGM was held on 2nd October in Newcastle. The meeting was well attended with a number of seminars and workshops on offer in advance of the formal meeting in the afternoon.
The event gave the opportunity for many carers and scheme workers to meet the board and other key figures working for Shared Lives Plus and in the shared lives sector. The meeting approved the reports and work from the previous year. Jane Hutchison was re-elected unanimously as Shared Lives Carer rep, and the other governance positions also remained unchanged. We are pleased to be going into a new year with such a strong team and a positive platform upon which to take the organisation forward.  
You can see presentations from the day on our website shortly.

Uk Conference - 22-23Rd October 2013

30 October 2013 - 03:45 PM

The UK Conference proved extremely popular and a huge success, with many workshops being full up and a number of packed plenary sessions. We heard excellent keynote speeches from the Minister for Social Care, Norman Lamb MP, and his Shadow representative in the Labour party, Liz Kendall MP, who both praised the work and the values of Shared Lives; it was hugely positive to see the depth of interest and understanding from both senior figures about the work Shared Lives does, and the challenges we face. 
As well as these high profile keynote speakers, the conference included experts on lots of different areas affecting Shared Lives with workshops on assisting with professional development also on offer. The delegates at the conference dinner also heard from Sandie Keen, President of ADASS, who answered a number of questions from scheme workers and carers alike, and again set out a vision of the future for social care that recognised the challenges we face, whilst placing Shared Lives at the heart of responses and solutions.

*new* Disputes Guidance

28 October 2013 - 04:01 PM

Disputes are unfortunate and, on occasion, Shared Lives Plus is asked to get involved in a dispute between a carer, a group, scheme workers and/or scheme managers.


Shared Lives Plus has developed some protocols to govern under what situations Shared Lives Plus will act in a dispute and what can be expected from all parties from our involvement.


The new piece of guidance can be downloaded from within the guidance package in our downloads area: http://sharedlivespl...dance-pre-2013/

Staffing Update

13 September 2013 - 09:00 AM

Shared Lives Plus are recruiting to fill two roles:


  • A Development Officer to work in Scotland with 20+ Shared Lives schemes which work with care leavers and are not currently engaged with the rest of the sector.  Details available soon.


  • A new Shared Lives Community Organiser will play a crucial part in developing carer networks and peer support groups, identifying carer issues and concerns, and providing support and information to carers. The work will focus on the Midlands, London and Southern England, complementing the existing Shared Lives Plus Carer Support and Development Officer whose work primarily focuses on the North of England.  The advert is now live on the website at www.sharedlivesplus.org.uk/jobs


John has returned working three days per week, with a focus on practice, quality, training and regulation, including leading on relationships with Skills for Care, CQC and NICE. John will be developing the independent trainers scheme and would welcome feedback on trainers. John is developing learning materials. John is no longer line managing staff. Schemes are welcome to contact John for technical and practice advice and he is happy to visit regional meetings as usual.


Shared Lives Plus has appointed Anna McEwen as the Interim Development Director, while Sue Eley has started as the Development Officer focused on older adults Shared Lives schemes.  Tim Moore has been appointed as a new Communications Officer, whilst we are very sad that Tris Brown is moving on to a new organisation and a more senior role.


A partnership is being developed with an advice provider such as CAB to provide advice to Shared Lives carers.